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An overview of the founding team and core contributors to Material-UI.

Material-UI is maintained by a small group of invaluable core contributors, with the massive support and involvement of the community.

Active Core Team

The development of the project and its ecosystem is guided by an international team, some of whom have chosen to be featured below.

Olivier Tassinari

v1.x co-creator

Paris, France

Matt Brookes

Core team

London, UK

Sebastian Silbermann

Core team

Dresden, Germany

Josh Wooding

Core team


Maik Marschner

Core Team

Hannover, Germany

Core Team Emeriti

We honor some no-longer-active core team members who have made valuable contributions in the past. They advise us from time-to-time.

Hai Nguyen

v0.x creator

Dallas, Texas, US

Nathan Marks

v1.x co-creator

Toronto, ON

Kevin Ross

Core team

Franklin, Tennessee, US

Sebastian Sebald

Core Team

Freiburg, Germany

Ken Gregory

Core Team

New Jersey, US

Tom Crockett

Core Team

Los Angeles, California, US

Community Partners

Some members of the community have so enriched it, that they deserve special mention.

Oleg Slobodskoi


Berlin, Germany

Dmitriy Kovalenko


Kharkiv, Ukraine

Get involved with Material-UI development by opening an issue or submitting a pull request. Read the contributing guidelines for information on how we develop.

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